The Call to Unite

In a realm psychotic, a leader named Justin,
With visions askew, and plans ever thrustin’.
Alongside him walks Chrystia, a witch so wise,
They dream of conquest, under uncertain skies.
Dictator Justin, in a haze of the mind,
Guided by whims, in illusions entwined.
Chrystia, the witch, whispers tales so sly,
In the dance of deception, where shadows lie.

Together they plot, to conquer the land,
A vision they share, hand in hand.
Uncle Klaus watches, a puppeteer’s glee,
As they navigate realms of insanity.

“Own nothing,” they chant, in a psychotic trance,
A curious mantra for a world’s mad dance.
Happiness promised in bug-filled bites,
Protein-rich feasts under dimming lights.

Yet, in the psychosis, a tale takes flight,
Of a land unsure, in the dwindling light.
Dictator Justin, a puzzle unsolved,
Chrystia, the witch, in secrets involved.

Let’s dream of a world where sanity reigns,
Where leaders inspire, and vision sustains.
For in unity and truth, a land finds peace,
A realm where delusions and doubts decrease.

In shadows they dance, but justice will rise,
A realm awakening, unveiling the lies.
Tyrants may dream of a land to subdue,
But the people unite, and courage imbue.

The whispers of truth, a powerful sound,
Echo through valleys, across sacred ground.
In the tapestry woven with threads of right,
Tyrants shall fall, in the face of the light.

Visit, where rights take flight,
In the heart of Canada, let justice ignite.
Canadians unite, let the truth be our guide,
Against corruption, stand strong, side by side.

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