The federal court has ruled that the Canadian government’s use of the Emergencies Act during the 2022 Convoy protests was not justified. The judge stated that the decision to invoke the act lacked reasonableness, justification, transparency, and intelligibility. The judge did not find any infringement on the right to assembly but identified infringements on freedom of expression and search and seizure. The judge argued that the situation did not constitute a national emergency, as regional authorities and police were capable of handling the issues. While acknowledging the government’s right to invoke the act, the judge deemed it an unreasonable move based on the evidence. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, one of the groups that brought the case to court, is expected to release a statement. The judge praised such public interest litigants, emphasizing the importance of hindsight in evaluating decisions. The ruling may have political ramifications for the government, and an appeal is anticipated, likely advancing to the federal court of appeal. The judge did not mention specific remedies or penalties sought by the applicants. Overall, the decision raises questions about the government’s handling of the Convoy protests and may impact its political standing.

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