SNC BOMBSHELL: Trudeau obstructed criminal investigation into HIMSELF says RCMP

In a recent development, a transcript from a parliamentary session sheds light on the challenges faced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in their examination of whether the Prime Minister violated section 139 sub2 of the Criminal Code by committing obstruction of justice. This examination centered around the controversial removal of Jody Wilson-Raybould as Attorney General. According to the transcript, the RCMP’s investigation was hampered by the lack of access to all material evidence surrounding Wilson-Raybould’s removal. Specifically, the RCMP did not have access to information that could have shed light on whether the Prime Minister’s decision to shuffle Wilson-Raybould was intended to influence the prosecution of SNC Lavalin. The RCMP attempted to expand the scope of their investigation to obtain this crucial evidence, but their request was turned down by the Prime Minister’s Department (PCO). This refusal significantly impeded the RCMP’s ability to conduct a thorough investigation into the Prime Minister’s potential obstruction of justice. The transcript suggests a pattern of cover-up, with the Prime Minister’s Department shielding him from investigation. This raises important questions about the Prime Minister’s accountability and the need for him to be subject to the same rule of law as every other Canadian. The revelations from this transcript highlight the importance of transparency and accountability in government. Canadians deserve to know that their leaders are held to the highest standards of integrity and are not above the law. For more information and updates on this issue, visit Like and follow us for the latest news and insights into Canadian politics and the protection of citizens’ rights. Let’s ensure that our leaders are accountable and that justice is served for all Canadians.

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