The Redacted Truth | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries (Episode 7)

In the seventh and final episode of our documentary series, Trudeau On Trial, we look at the testimony from Liberal cabinet ministers and try to answer why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government chose to invoke the Emergencies Act — and on whose advice.
While the inquiry revealed Trudeau’s government received legal advice from his attorney general, David Lametti, national security adviser, Jody Thomas and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, what that advice was and how it was interpreted remains unclear.
“The Redacted Truth” features the testimony provided to the Public Order Emergency Commission by Trudeau, and the late filling and extensive redactions on documents federal authorities provided to the inquiry.
Lawyers Eva Chipiuk, Keith Wilson and Brendan Miller, who represented the Freedom Convoy at the inquiry, outline the difficulties these redactions posed and reflect on the intense moments that followed when this issue was raised to Commissioner Paul Rouleau during the inquiry.

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