It is illegal to pay taxes RIGHT NOW in Canada!

In this video I am going to cite laws within the criminal code that show you without a shadow of a doubt that right now, based on our governments actions, it is illegal to pay taxes. I make the recommendations on how to stop, and what to do when they come for you. My guess is they won’t, because then our evidence gets entered into records. Proceed with caution with this info.
Here are the links to the sections of the criminal code:
Definition of Terrorism in Canada by Canadian goverment definition:
Funding terrorism or facilitating it:
It is therefore acting on Canadian law based on its own descriptions, it is illegal to pay your taxes because you are funding terrorism and are subject to 14 years on prison for doing it.
If, or when this is ever pressed, you can now enter on record in court that must be considered, the evidence that our government is behaving as terrorists as defined in the Canadian Criminal code section 83.1
Furthermore, is section 83.19 it is illegal to facilitate (fund) terrorist activity.
Get your employer to stop taking deductions off of your paycheque. This is your legal right.
If you want dental, or medical, allow them to continue taking that, but stop taking all federal, provincial taxes off of your cheque.
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